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Beijing Enliven high-tech Co.Ltd
Company Profile
 Beijing Enliven high-tech Co.Ltd is an enterprise engaged in to high-tech products R&D and import/export trade, located in Beijing   zhongguancun science park.
 As a high-tech company, Enliven has regarded human resource as her first priority since its establishment.  Advocating "Be active to pursue victory” as the company culture, Enliven has already attracted many experienced experts, formed her own large and stable talent reservoir consisting of more then 50 staff members. Over 34% employees of Enliven have master or PhD degrees and more then 60% have bachelor degree. More than 50% percent employees are engaged in R&D and 50% have worked in Enliven more than 5 years. Our talent team is well organized and have adequate age composition and academic structure. This   talent team is striding forward towards the market-oriented   high-tech company.
Specifically, all the management team members of Enliven are
well-known experts with their extensive experience in many
State Key Projects in China and deep insight in the development of
IC industry. Such a high quality management team endues Enliven
with advantages both in technology and market application.
 Enliven has already developed several marked-oriented products with its own Intellectual properties. One recent products is an Asic IC for Quartz crystal oscillator widely applicable in many fields. The technical standard specification and quality of product have already been got the customer's unanimous favorable comment. The design of this IC has already obtained the China Design Patent.
 Enliven can also supply complete series of Automatically Instruments, fieldbus control system products, thermometry and displaying instruments as well as flow measurement instruments. The products can be applied in the fields of petrochemical, electrical power, metallurgy, light industry, military engineering, nuclear power plant and so on. Enliven win great successes for R&D the fingerprint recognition technology and products manufacturing. It's a wonderful integration with state-of-art IT techniques including optical sensing, mode recognization, data bank, soft engineering and fuzzy logic. Enliven hold Intellectual property patents in this technology. Among these products, fingerprint reader and fingerprint Lock products can be applied in nation security, public security, confidential departments, military bases, and also finance and commerceetc.; fingerprint Time and attendance instruments are widely used in various offices, factories and organization. Some fingerprint recognition products of Enliven has already entered international market, great economic andsocial benefits have been obtained for all the customers of Enliven from these products.
   Enliven has her own import/export license and has established regular trade relations with some famous international enterprises such as CARL MAHR GERMANY, EDMUNDS USA, and win great successes in introducing these famous brand advanced measuring tools and cutters products into Chinese market. Now these products are widely used in various branch of industry and many science-technique institutions over China.
   Enliven' goal is to become a contemporary corporation with international competition ability and advanced technique, good performance, the scientific management, flexible mechanism. As always is, Enliven, a pioneer of China high-tech industry, will continue with its firm commitment to ongoing improvement and its quest for excellence. Hand in hand, Enliven and you together design future!
Enliven welcomes all customer’s to become our long-term cooperating partners.
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